Arnold Schwarzenegger drop-kick attacked in South Africa(video)

The Terminator got taken down — and his kindergarten cops let it happen.

A crazed man blasted Arnold Schwarzenegger with a flying double dropkick to the back yesterday, sending the former California governor sprawling during a sports event for school kids in South Africa on Saturday.

A video posted to YouTube captured the assault, showing an unsuspecting Terminator smiling and taking pictures with fans at the crowded gym.

His attention is drawn to a girl skipping rope near him — and he had no clue he was about to be assaulted.

The clip shows The Terminator going down, but doesn’t show how he lands.

A security guard then holds the man down on the floor.

Just moments beforehand, the suspect can be seen walking up behind Schwarzenegger, holding up his right arm and waving as if he wants the former bodybuilder’s attention.

A member of the security detail grabs the man by the arm and leads him off camera. But somehow the drop-kicker got past the posse moments later.

After going down, the 71-year-old lived up to his iconic on-screen line.

He came back.


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